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3 Important Factors To Consider When Looking For a Freight Forwarder

Nowadays, the rise of search engines and the internet has made finding a freight forwarder less time-consuming. However, while putting in the term “freight forwarder near me” might get you millions of search results, it is difficult to sort through them to select the right forwarder for you.

In any industry, the distinction between “good,” “better,” and “best” is a matter of observing and taking performance to account—freight forwarders are no exception to this standard. The task of shipping goods, pallets, crates, or boxes is a task with an enormous amount of responsibility in itself, but complying with the fundamentals alone is not enough. With more businesses—big and small—offering international shipping services, finding a competent, trustworthy, and outstanding freight forwarder to work with is a necessity.

What should you consider?

Navigating through the process of finding the best freight forwarder to work with can be a challenge, but we’ve prepared a quick guide to help you. Here’s what you need to consider when looking for a competent service provider to work with as quickly as possible:

CONSIDERATION #1: They need to have experience

What sets great freight forwarders apart from regular ones is the amount of experience they have, especially when it comes to more challenging aspects of the industry. Similar to most businesses and industries, freight forwarders are also subject to logistic mix-ups and delays that might throw the delivery off course. With an experienced freight forwarder, logistical problems, such as cargo reroutes, customs, warehousing, and port shutdowns will be handled in a more efficient and effective manner.

CONSIDERATION #2: They should have a global network

Freight forwarding is a task that encompasses several territories and areas of responsibility, which makes it vital to work with a freight forwarder who has a network of global agents. Having a network of global agents is essential to consider because the service provider will handle your international shipments from start to end.

CONSIDERATION #3: They must offer various services and show the right credentials and certifications

Freight forwarders are also subject to the notion that having more credentials, certifications, and services prove a higher degree of competency in the field. Typically, a freight forwarder that you should work with must have a wide range of services that can be used to cater to your needs and handle your international shipments smoothly. The services include but are not limited to: preparation of import and export documentation (including a bill of lading), inbound and outbound logistics, warehousing, customs clearance, insurance, and freight consolidation.

On the other hand, your prospective freight forwarding company must have a certain list of certifications and credentials that will back up their ability to apply specialized training and adhere to security requirements. Often, the majority of competent freight forwarders have ISO certifications that help with proving their ability to adhere to customer demands while enhancing work quality.

In the same way that you carefully select your business’s suppliers, distributors, and employees, choosing the right freight forwarder to work with requires having the right knowledge. Although there may be many freight forwarders in your area, taking the three previously mentioned considerations in mind can help narrow down the process easily. When searching for the right freight forwarder to work with, it is also going to be in your best interest to ask all the right questions and take your time to ensure that the right decisions are being made.

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