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4 Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Freight Company - Our Guide

The logistics and freight forwarding companies have significantly changed over the years and has been considered as an unstable business. Companies have different expectations from their freight forwarding companies, and these expectations change over time, depending on the business needs. Some companies expect freight forwarders to simply deliver their package from point to point, while others expect some added value services.

The experience and quality of services provided by the freight forwarder company can make or break the entire deal. It is implied that customers must be able to trust them and rely on their assistance whenever necessary. Businesses want to collaborate and work with freight companies who will be able to help their businesses grow and achieve their business goals.

Here are some important questions you need to ask your freight forwarding company before signing on that dotted line:

1. What is their experience when it comes to handling your type of cargo?

Cargos vary, ranging from upholstery to machinery to chemical and even toxic wastes. The freight forwarder must have comprehensive experience when it comes to handling such goods that you want to export. Remember, once your cargo leaves your facility, it is already beyond your control. Your freight forwarder company must be able to handle these products effectively and anticipate and solve any problems that may come along the way.

2. How extensive is their network?

Freight forwarders must have an established and reliable global network to easily facilitate the shipping process for their customers to ensure streamlined end-to-end shipping. Some companies miss this essential point, but for your cargo to reach its destination without any problems, your freight company must have significant contacts all over the world. The larger the connections, the more likely your shipping company can meet your demands and requirements.

3. How many containers do they move yearly?

In the freight forwarding business, experience matters a lot. Knowing how much work they handle in a year is a vital factor when choosing the forwarder for your business. When the freight forwarder has many years of experience in the industry, it means they have seen it all—and likely to have known ways to overcome challenges in the business. Some unavoidable problems mostly occur while your cargo is in transit, so you want to put your faith in a forwarder that knows how to manage such problems.

Starting a freight forwarding company is easy; running one is actually the most difficult part. When you choose a company that has years of experience in the industry, they are able to assist you with these issues:

  • Warehousing

  • Dockworker strikes

  • Customs-related issues

  • Port shutdowns

  • Re-routing issues

4. Are they financially stable?

Businesses who are just starting venturing out into the shipping industry tend to overlook this critical factor. For them, since they are paying the shipping company, it doesn’t really matter. What they don’t know is that if the freight company is financially unstable, certain issues may arise.

For example, if the freight company is not able to pay the air carrier to deliver your cargo, then it could cause delays, charges piling up, missed deliveries, and everyone losing in the process. If they are financially stable and with healthy cash flows to deliver what they promised you, they will be able to act in real-time.

Asking these basic but important questions when selecting your freight forwarding company ensures that you are working with a reliable and trusted company. It pretty much gives you confidence in ending up with a trustworthy partner for your operations.

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