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4 Smart Tips to Help You Deliver on Time During the Holidays

Now is the right time to plan your way to get a stress-free delivery service during the holiday season. That’s because everyone else will be too busy to make everything on time by then. It’s maybe the holiday rush or the holiday spirit or the fact that it’s the most beautiful time of the year that makes it impossible to beat the clock. Whatever the reason is, you should be prepared for it, especially if you don’t want to ruin your reputation to your customers.

Do your best to get ahead of schedule instead of cramming when the deadlines are near. When you cram, and something comes up, it makes it very difficult to reach the deadline. Some people do their best to deliver an order on time, racing to the FedEx dropbox before the final pickup of the day. However, because it’s the holiday, the task becomes a feat bordering to impossibility.

This goes the same way for small retail shop owners who have high volumes of orders to complete for the holiday season. You wouldn’t want to be the reason that a grandmother wasn’t able to receive her Christmas gift from her favourite grandson, would you? 

Moreover, emotions are taut because of pressure during the busy holiday season. When your employees make mistakes, it will be pointless to be rude to them. You also have to take responsibility as their boss. Besides, it does not go well with the holiday spirits if you get grumpy. You’re not the Grinch. Instead of criticizing them for failing to do their jobs, it will be best to do something about it so you can collectively avoid beating the rush.

Here are helpful tips you must remember to beat the rush during the holiday season:

Christmas gifts delivered on the front porch of a home

1 - Know your deadlines

Make sure everyone knows the deadlines. As the manager or owner of your business, it is your responsibility to keep your employees aware of the deadline. Make it essential to deliver parcels on time.

If you don’t want to miss the deadline, it will be ideal to complete everything earlier. By the time the deadline is near, you can double and triple check for what’s amiss. You don’t have to cram anymore.

2 - Get the team on board

Meeting deadlines can be stressful because it requires too much effort. Dividing the number of orders to deliver to the number of remaining days before the deadline would be ideal. That’s how you can set realistic expectations.

We cannot stress this enough: make sure everyone’s aware of the deadline. This is no time to be lazy at work. You need to get everyone up and running and hitting goals.

To lighten the pressure on everyone, you can celebrate daily. Offer a cone of ice cream or a bottle of beer whenever daily targets are met. Assuming that the entire team sees the “big picture,” stress can be avoided.

3 - Don’t rush

Rushing is costly in time, money, and energy. Don’t fall into this trap. Check everything for potential errors. If there are mistakes, you can always re-do the whole thing, provided that you still have time. You don’t want to send subpar quality products to your customers. 

4 - Anticipate shipping delays

Sometimes it’s no longer in your power whether or not the product arrives at its intended recipient on the intended date and time it should. Package delivery services also suffer from the hassle that the holiday season brings. This year, UPS expects to deliver 25 million packages around the country. This is why they suspend their “on-time” guarantee during the holidays. Your best option is to ship the package at least three days before its expected DOA. 

Avoiding the holiday rush to deliver packages is a smart move because you will avoid stress, you will not pay for the extra cost caused by delays, and you will keep your customers happy. The tips above are logical steps you must observe when trying to beat the holiday rush. It’s not easy, but it’s possible.

If you are looking to have your packages delivered on time during the holidays, consider working with Packaging Depot. Get in touch with us to see how we can help!