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4 Tips to Help You Enhance Your Packing & Shipping - Our Guide

Woman signing for delivery of a parcel

You might think that shipping an item out to a customer is a simple matter of looking for the stuff, boxing it up, and sending it to a shipping service. Although that's the gist of it, there are plenty of things you can do to speed up the entire process and save plenty of money.

With that said, here are four tips to keep in mind to ensure that the products can be sent out quickly and safely without incurring any extra costs.

1. Use the Right Packaging Materials

First and foremost, pay attention to how you're going to box up your items. Make sure that the package fits your items perfectly with no extra space. This ensures your package stays secure throughout the shipment process without worrying about the stuff moving around inside and possibly getting damaged.

In addition to that, a perfect fit means you're not adding to the size and weight of the entire package. As a result, you save money by keeping the dimensions as small as possible.

2. Utilize Quality Packaging

You might be tempted to use cheaper packing solutions to save money. However, we do not recommend that path. Even though that extra cost can add up, you're protecting yourself in the case where an item gets damaged during shipment, where it would have been safe if you opted for a better packing solution.

At the same time, you can't really "buy back" customers. If they see that the packaging is ruined and, worse, the item, you might have damaged their trust in you permanently. Save your money and reputation in the long run, and spend the extra money on quality packaging.

3. Be Prepared for Peak Seasons

During peak seasons, such as the holidays, sales will shoot through the roof. This means that you'll have to up your packaging and shipping game. Sometimes, though, there are times during the year that you will suddenly experience an increase in demand. To make sure you're ready for times like this, it helps to always have all the packaging materials at the ready.

For those seasons where you know demand will peak, hire extra staff to help with the packaging process. In other words, by making sure all the work that can be done ahead of time is completed, you ensure that all your shipments are on schedule.

4. Arrange Your Warehouse Properly

If you own a warehouse, you must arrange all the items correctly. It helps to make sure all the items in the warehouse are organized appropriately, where the most demanded items are made more accessible.

Woman in freight forwarder warehouse taking inventory
An organized warehouse will improve the productivity of your deliveries

If there are items that are frequently bought together, keep them close to avoid having to rummage through the warehouse over and over again for the same things. Make sure your items are clearly labelled, too, to help eliminate confusion and wasted time.

Finally, make sure that you have all the packing materials at the ready in the packing station. Not only that but that the materials and tools are laid out in order of use to speed up the packing process.

By keeping to the tips we've given you, you ensure that you can send out items efficiently, safely, and on time. Your effort will not go unnoticed either, as customers will start praising you on how well you protect your shipments along with how fast they receive it. They'll have no problem coming back to you over and over again to experience this excellent service.

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