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5 Vital Traits of a Reliable Freight Forwarder

A quick Google search of the term “freight forwarder” will yield you many results. However, even if many companies are capable of delivering your items overseas, you must consider choosing the one with the best services. The success of your international business depends on selecting the right freight company to assist your business. Selecting the wrong company wrong will give you more headaches in tracking the package.

When you have found the right forwarder, doing business with them makes managing logistics easier. You are guaranteed that the delivery will safely arrive on time and without damage.

If you are having a difficult time in selecting a freight forwarder, here are five vital traits of a reliable freight forwarder:

1. They have experience

There are times when the freight may not arrive on time due to various delays. With the experience that a freight forwarder has, you can remain confident that they know how to deal with unexpected deviations. There are no concerns that they haven’t heard or seen, making them adaptable to any situation.

Seasoned freight forwarders know how to deal with various issues, such as warehousing, port shutdowns, worker strikes, cargo reroutes, and customs. Experienced forwarders have already mapped out multiple plans of action should these concerns happen, to ensure that the goods will arrive on time.

2. They have a network of agents

A reliable freight forwarder has an extensive network of offices and employees that allow them to handle international shipments from origin to destination. Since global shipping requires an elaborate logistics machinery, the right company will use their links to keep the flow of information more transparent until the package arrives.

3. They offer many services

A trustworthy freight forwarder can do more than ensure that your shipment is delivered safe and sound. There are other services that they may offer to facilitate smooth international operations. When choosing a logistics provider, make sure that they provide inland transportation tracking as well as documentation for both import and export parcels.

The forwarder must also allow consolidation of freight, inventory management, and negotiation of freight charges. Other than packing and storage, they must also provide customs clearance and insurance for lost or damaged shipments.

4. They possess certifications and credentials

Certificates and credentials prove that a forwarder has satisfied the security and training requirements that are required from a global logistics company. Aside from verifying their credentials, you should ask for references from their former clients to determine if they were satisfied with their services. Unsolicited praise is a strong indicator that the freight company will meet your expectations.

5. They offer reliable customer service

Companies that have definitive customer service are worthy of making business connections. A great forwarder will keep communication lines open and provide direct access to the agent handling your cargo because they are aware that inquiries, concerns, and complaints are part of their business. In an industry where delays are inevitable, especially during unpleasant weather conditions, global freight forwarders are responsible for informing you about any issues regarding your cargo.

Research helps in finding the perfect freight forwarder for your business needs. Take time to look through recommendations and online reviews to determine the best forwarders in the market. Treat the forwarder as a partner of your business because their ability to deliver on their guarantee will determine the success of your business.

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