Packaging Depot Delta Surrey Services 

Packaging supplies for shipping

Shipping & Packaging Services Overview

  • Over 30 years of experience providing domestic, international and custom shipping and packaging

  • Choice of multiple couriers to get best price and service

  • Able to supply all packing material and provide expert packaging services

  • Experienced in shipping freight packages and material

  • Have developed partnerships with high quality freight couriers that allow us to provide competitive pricing and excellent service

Small Business Packaging & Shipping

The small business division of Packaging Depot’s focus is to help manage the shipping of large items for companies who want competitive rates and access to the expertise of freight professionals.

Day to Day Main and Small Package Shipping

We have established long term relationships with the large North American shipping companies. These relationships allow us to provide our customers with trust and ease of mind that their mail and packages are being handled with care. Our relationships have also resulted in large discounts that we pass onto our clients.

Freight Manager

Shipping small packages is only a portion of the value we provide. Our competitive advantage is our Freight Management System. Our extensive industry knowledge and passion for excellent customer service have resulted in the development of an efficient, accurate and user-friendly system.


The freight management of large items is a challenge. There are many factors that are involved in determining the best freight shipping method for each business. This is where our value is, we want you to handle the side of the business you are passionate about, and leave the freight management to the experts at Packaging Depot. Time is a very valuable resource, and we want you to spend your time to grow your business. We will do our part to help your business grow, by making sure your business is given priority and the attention it deserves.

We will work for your company as the shipping department. Additionally, we have the resources to provide you with a breakdown of how much, to where, and to whom you are shipping to. We will work for and with you.

Elite Carriers

Our research and experience has helped us learn that when it comes to freight shipping, less choices are better then more. After spending 25 years in the freight business we have short listed our carriers to only what we designate as the Elite Carriers. We determined our Elite Carriers based on the following factors:

  • Customer Service

  • Cost

  • Accuracy in Billing

  • Loss and Damage prevention

  • ETA Accuracy

Our Elite carriers have excelled in each of these aspects. Our Elite carriers are a key reason in how we continously provide outstanding customer experince. Additionally, due to our long history with our Elite Carriers we have negoited very competitive shipping rates, which allows us to pass the saving to our Small Business customers.